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Patient Testimonials

Andrea P. - 10/21/2015 (Santa Cruz, CA)

​Soquel Hearing Aid Center is now called the Listening Stack. When my mother died a few weeks ago I inherited her hearing aids and found Jason at the Listening Stack to be the most affordable place to reprogram them for my ears. Jason answered all my questions and I felt he was an expert at this. He also sells a very cool home entertainment speaker set up that adjusts  for only the listener with hearing problems while not for everyone else in the room! Now that's super cool, no more arguing about volume or having subtitles as the solution

Ryan C. - 8/24/2015 (Capitola, CA)

I visited Justin at the Listening Stack to learn more about his hearing aid solutions.  My sister wears hearing aids and I thought it might be a good idea to see what types of products were on the market.  

Justin, simply put, is an expert in his field.  I was surprised to discover that The Listening Stack carries a wide variety of hearing solutions outside of hearing aids such as customized head phones for playing music, waterproof headphones and earplugs.

I plan on going back with my sister in the future to have her try out some of the great products that the Listening Stack carries. I would highly recommend anyone looking for earplugs, headphones or hearing aids do the same.

Nancy H. - 8/5/14 (Santa Cruz, CA)

Outstanding on all levels!  Justin is knowledgeable and informative in a way that makes understanding the complexities of hearing aids reasonable for a lay person.  I was in buying hearing aids for my 85 year old mother (who besides hearing loss has a bit of dementia).  Justin was extremely patient in working with her.  He definitely goes the extra mile to ensure that hearing is optimized, comfort is realized, and that it stays within the budget you have agreed to.  Truly a local business owner who embraces the true spirit of community business - knows his product (s) thoroughly; knows his customers likes/dislikes/needs; and delivers consistently.  Thanks Justin!

Helen K. - 4/17/2014 (Santa Cruz, CA)

When I called Soquel Hearing Aid Center I was just shopping around to find someone who I felt would be really professional, caring, and thorough for a friend who is experiencing hearing loss and is pretty self conscious about it. Right off the bat Justin was extremely helpful and really knowledgable on audiology which was new to us. He described the entire process and answered all my questions thoroughly. I set up a free consultation at his office (he offered an in home consultation as well!). 

Justin worked with us through the whole process, programming slowly over time to help my friend adapt to the appropriate level of amplification.  He got the hearing aids completely fine tuned and my friend was SO happy with the results! 

Justin is clearly passionate about his work and was so helpful to us. I highly recommend Soquel Hearing Aid Center.

Bill D. - 2/25/2014 (Santa Cruz, CA)

I've had two other sets of hearing aids in the past ten years and these ones are the only ones that work. Thanks for all your help!

Sarah L. - 4/6/2013 (Aptos, CA)

I was looking for a local hearing aid center, and I found this one.  Boy, was I surprised that the service was great and Justin Stack is very thorough and patient.  He spent a lot of time with me, educating me about the hearing aids and adjusting to wearing them.  I am picky about my health care choices, and I think his office was a great choice for me.  I had taken so long to accept my hearing loss and he made me understand that it was like buying new glasses.  I don't feel like a geek now.

Jolyne H. - 12/16/2013 (Fair Oaks, CA)

My Mother was having so much discomfort from her hearing Aids. We went in to see Justin at Soquel hearing aids and he made adjustments that made all the difference in the world. Great service and kind man.

Lea D. - 9/16/2013 (Felton, CA)

​The hearing aids I purchased approximately 5 years ago were not working. I postponed going into a hearing aid center as long as I could fearing I would need new ones. After reading several poor reviews on the place where I purchased them I decided to change providers. I am so happy I did. After explaining my situation and that I really could not afford to buy new aids, Justin Stack at the Soquel Hearing Aid Center, not only repaired them using new parts, he adjusted the sound, fitted them properly (they were two sizes too big) and scheduled me for a follow up appointment to make sure that I am happy with the result. He did all of  this for no fee. Proper hearing is so important to the quality of life and I am so glad I again can be an active participant. Thank you Justin, I will certainly spread the word!

Ian W. - 4/24/2013 (Aptos, CA)

My experience at Soquel Hearing Aid center was completely positive. I was only recently diagnosed with hearing loss and, given I'm in my 30s, it was quite a shock to me. I had a million questions and Justin (the owner) patiently answered them all, easing my concerns.The hearing aids I ended up buying have been really useful, helping me out in social situations and at work. And I've been back to have them adjusted, and Justin was able to make minor changes to them to make them work even better.I highly recommend Soquel hearing Aid center if you're looking for quality service. It made an unfortunate situation a lot less unpleasant for me.

Lareau J. - 3/16/2013 (Granby, CT)

While visiting my daughter in Santa Cruz, my hearing aids became clogged with wax.  She found Soquel Hearing Aid on Yelp and I called for an appointment.  They brought me in that day, cleaned and replaced parts on my hearing aids in short order and then told me it was a complimentary community service!  Like the review says, as good as it gets.

Mauro L. - 10/19/2012 (Santa Cruz, CA)

Justin is great! Very knowledgable and recommended a great set of hearing aids. I have had them for 3 months and I am very happy with them.

Koeleen C. - 10/17/2012 (Santa Cruz, CA)

Went in for a free trial on hearing aids for both ears and ended up loving the ones that were recommended to me. Very happy with everything out of this hearing aid center!

Richard A. - 9/28/2012 (Soquel, CA)

I originally came to Justin because my existing Phonak hearing aids were not working. After he adjusted them a couple times and tried to get them to work I decided to try a new set of hearing aids. He said the trial period is 45 days and there is no risk to me. I tried the first set of hearing aids, which were small and discrete but they didn't seem to match my hearing loss that well so Justin offered to restart the trial period at no charge and to try another set (Unitron 360 BTE). After a few adjustments they are working much better than my previous set and I'm pretty satisfied all the way across the board with the service provided to me.